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goodhouse makes maintaining your home simple. The next time you need maintenance or have a breakdown and need a repair, just call or click and we will send a top servicer to get the job done.
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Keep track of all your home appliances in one place. Get maintenance alerts before breakdowns happen.

Home Service

Quickly & securely request a home service call, on your schedule. Easily submit a service request online.


How goodhouse works

Whenever you need maintenance or have a breakdown, just call, click, or tap, and we will send a top servicer to get the job done.

You Request Service
We're your single point of contact for any home services you may need.
You Book Instantly
Schedule the best time for you, receive a quote and confirm your appointment.
We Send a Pro
Our service professionals arrive on time to promptly resolve your issues and restore your home to normal.
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"I've never felt more in-the-know about my home. goodhouse tracks my appliances, maintains them on schedule and prevents breakdowns."

Sam K.

Columbia, MO
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Why goodhouse?

Streamline all your needs through one place

Stop wasting your time researching, bidding and scheduling your wide range of in-home services.

Secured verified, top-notch service

Receive home care from certified, background checked and top-rated technicians.

Avoid costly repairs

Get expert reminders for preventive maintenance. Choose us if you need help with them.

Enjoy peace of mind

Access your entire house inventory and service history in one location. End the search and DIY!

We'll appraise your house to combine your home inventory in one easy spot

Schedule a complete home inspection by an expert goodhouse technician. Learn about, track and maintain every appliance in your home all in one location.

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Hire us for maintainence and servicing

Get a personal technician, backed by a team of experts, at your fingertips for any in-home question or maintenance request. 24/7 home support is just around the corner.

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Air filter replacement
breakdown savings

$5,000 → $30

Leaking fridge

$800 → $0

SmartSwitch upgrade
energy savings

ϟ250kwh → ϟ50kwh

Paint job

$500 → $0

Range breakdown

$1,500 → $0

Appliance upgrade
purchase savings

$2,500 → $2,000

A smarter, simpler way to manage your home.
Try goodhouse.

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Our beta program is open for early access

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