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Home upgrades for elderly living

Getting your home ready to age in place with goodhouse. Aging in place is when an older person continues to live independently, continuing to reside in the comfort of their own home. It can be difficult due to declining mobility and physical needs. Fortunately, there are things you can do to your home to age in place comfortably - here are some helpful home improvements to help yourself or your loved one age in place!

  1. Hire an on-call handyman You never know what could happen at home. It could be something as minor as a leaking faucet or significantly worse like replacing your HVAC unit. Our handymen and women specialize in tackling just about any task or home repair imaginable. It's nice knowing that goodhouse is here to help when things go wrong at home. We offer Dedicated Handymans to all our customers - they are just a call or message away when you need them.

  2. Install grab bars near the toilet and shower As we grow older, getting up from the toilet or in and out of the shower without assistance can pose fall risks. Installing grab bars is an excellent way to maintain independence. Suction-mounted grab bars are not designed to support full body weight. We recommend installing your grab bars so you will have something sturdy to grab on to if there is a slip or fall.

  3. Hire someone to maintain your yard Your lawn will keep growing and your leaves will pile up, if you're not able to manage it yourself. Upkeeping a yard is a lot of hard physical work. We recommend hiring a professional who can trim trees, mow the grass, or do any landscaping services your house needs.

  4. Install railings and widen doors - Handrails can be a real help for people with balance and mobility issues. They make it easier to get around and can reduce your risk for falls. Leaning on a wall to keep one's balance is not a safe way to use a stairwell. Installing handrails can greatly reduce the risk of falls in your home. Wheelchairs can often be unavoidable, and many homes need wider doors for better access.

Goodhouse offers all these services and more to help you stay independent in your home. We have a specialized family plan so that friends and family members can oversee the scheduling of repair and maintenance jobs for their loved ones. Contact us today to get started!

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